Earlybird and the Unexpected

This was one of those times where you really got to experience that things don’t always go as planned.  On a trip with two busses, both break down.  One breaks down on the way to the meet, the other on the way to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk after the meet.  Things like that are going to happen in life no matter what.  The question is how are you going to react?  Are you going to get upset and depressed and feel like a victim?  Or are you going to make the best of it and have fun anyways?  We didn’t make it to Santa Cruz but we were still together as a team.  I am proud of how you reacted and made the best out of the situation.

There were a lot of great performances at the meet.  Congratulations to Kylie and Atzin for earning medals as well as to everyone else on the team who ran their best.  This is a tough course against tough competition.  For a number of you this was your first race ever in your life.  Congratulations!  You should all be proud of yourselves but also looking at how you can improve next time.

Here are the official results if you want to see them.

Nice job Rams!

Now we prepare for Tuesday and our first league meet at Half Moon Bay.

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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