PAL League Meet at Half Moon Bay

Hey Rams you impressed a lot of people today.  I’m not talking about great performances, although there were some of those.  I’m talking about at the end of the meet when there were still two runners on the course but the cones had been taken away along the home stretch.  What did you guys do?  You used your bodies to create a path for the runners to go through straight to the finish line, all the while cheering them on.  It really was a cool thing to see and several coaches came up and commented about how much they appreciated it.  I would have gotten a picture of it but I was busy clapping along with you!  You also supported your own team throughout the day by cheering them on.  Its that kind of teamwork and respect that makes a team great.

Here are some cool stats from the meet (let me know if you think I left someone out or made a mistake):

Check out all these P.R.s!

  • Klaine Justo 3:46!!!
  • Flora Wang 1:53
  • Carol Chin 1:35
  • Mimi Chang 1:11
  • Julie Canta :40
  • Melissa Wong :08
  • Jeremy Lagrisola 1:56
  • Jomari Geronimo 1:50
  • Benny Chua 1:44
  • Laifu Chow 1:32
  • Godfrey Ng 1:23
  • Aaron Kho 1:16
  • Chris Chu :57
  • Mharc Severino :46
  • John Villahermosa :45
  • Lewis Truong :42
  • Tim Pangilinan :22
  • Alvin Tiletile :15
  • Derrick Duong :13
  • Ahmed Alansi :10
  • Eric Chee :08
  • Chris Camacho :08

Top 10 Westmoor Girl Times of the Day:

  1. Kylie Goo 14:10
  2. Julie Canta 16:36
  3. Melissa Wong 17:51
  4. Abi Haguisan 17:54
  5. Flora Wang 17:54
  6. Karen Carino 18:05
  7. Lauren Tom 18:17
  8. Erin Huntziner 18:42
  9. Lisa Tanaka 18:54
  10. Klaine Justo 19:00

Top 10 11 Westmoor Boy Times of the Day:

  1.  Atzin Cardiel 12:43
  2. Chris Camacho 14:26
  3. Dominic Chavarria 14:37
  4. Glen Collado 14:39
  5. Chris Chu 15:01
  6. Mharc Severino 15:04
  7. Patrick Glynn 15:16
  8. John Villahermosa 15:34
  9. Eric Chee 15:37
  10. Nathan Depante 15:38
  11. Gio Delucchi 15:38

Great Meet Guys!  Tomorrow we will be giving out information about the Lowell Invitational this Saturday.  We will be letting you know where and when to meet, what race you will be in, giving out maps, etc.

(I did not take most of these pictures)

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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