Great Day In Golden Gate Park

First, I would like to say thank you to all the alumni who showed up to Golden Gate Park today to support their team.  It was great having you there and I think the athletes on the team really appreciate you being there as well.  Today it was especially nice since it was the first meet in, correct me if I’m wrong, 38 years of coaching that Coach DiMaggio has missed a meet!  I suppose that when your son is getting married that is a good excuse to miss a meet…maybe!

There were a number of really good performances today.  Congratulations to Kylie Goo, Atzin Cardiel, Glen Collado, and Lauren Tom for earning medals.

I also want to give special acknowledgement to a few runners who ran really well but didn’t quite get a medal:  Melissa Wong, Flora Wang, Patrick Glynn, Austin Chao, Mharc Severino, John Villahermosa, Julie Canta, and Dominic Chavarria.

Official Results

Of course we have to also acknowledge our PR earners!  PRs are a great indication of your own progress and should be celebrated.  Only Sophomores and Seniors could get PRs in this meet because frosh/soph and Jr/Sr run different distances.

Your PRs for today:

  • Gio DeLucchi 3:57!!!
  • Flora Wang 2:18!!
  • Carol Chin 1:51!
  • Benny Chua 1:42
  • Godfrey Ng 1:41
  • Mimi Chang 1:22
  • John Humady 1:08
  • Julie Canta :59
  • Eric Chee :37
  • Lewis Truong :37
  • Mharc Severino :26
  • Kylie Goo :02

Everyone should sit for a few minutes this evening and make some notes on the course map, especially Freshmen and Juniors who will be running the same distance next year.  Sophomores too, though, since much of the course is the same.  I noticed that we are getting better at getting out quick and being aggressive.  Did you finish the race with too much gas left in your tank?  Could you have gone faster?  Did you go out too fast.  Did you know where you were going?  If you were to do it all over again what would you do differently?  Ask yourself these questions and write yourself some notes you can look at next year.  Do it today while it is fresh in your mind!

Now we set our sights back home.  We have two weeks to prepare for the Ram.  You want to make sure you run your best on your home course, so it’s time to renew that commitment to working hard and coming to practice every day.  Every practice matters and the more work you put in the more progress you are going to make.

Great job today Rams!

(look at the 3 photos of the F/S Girls start.  Nice!)

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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3 Responses to Great Day In Golden Gate Park

  1. John says:

    Thanks Coach P for being patient with the people who waited for their rides to come!!!

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