Under the Lights at Del Oro 4000

I am sure just about everyone enjoyed the meet last night.  It is a unique experience to be able to compete under the lights.  You got home late so don’t forget to take some time today to go over your race.  Think about that first loop leading up to the hill.  Think about the plateaus and remember the hay bales.  Remember coming around the second time.  How did you feel?  What would you do different if you were running it again?  Write down a few things on your map and put it away so you can look at it next year.

Offical Results

Overall Coach DiMaggio and I were very pleased with your efforts.  We are definitely a team that is getting stronger.  It comes down to each individual pushing themselves to get  just that little bit faster and passing just a few more people over the course of the race.  These Saturday meets are an opportunity to have fun competing against schools outside your league, to practice and get faster, and to try to earn medals.  The league meets, however, are where you really need to put into practice what you have learned.  On Tuesday we have our second P.A.L. meet where you will be running against all the schools in our league.  All the other schools have been training and competing as well.  Let’s see how you do this Tuesday compared to the last PAL meet at Half Moon Bay.  The same 17 schools will be there.  What place are you going to get?  Are you going to pass up more people or get passed?

Again, great job last night.  See you Monday at Lake Merced.

Medal Winners:

  • Kylie Goo – Varsity Girls Race Winner – New Course Record
  • Julie Canta – Varsity Girls
  • Atzin Cardiel – Varsity Boys
  • Desiree Fajardo – JV Girls
  • Erin Huntzinger – JV Girls
  • Karen Carino – Frosh/Soph Girls
  • Flora Wang – Frosh/Soph Girls

Top 10 Boys

  1. Atzin Cardeil 13:12
  2. Dominic Chavarria 15:01
  3. Chris Camacho 15:30
  4. Mharc Severino 15:47
  5. Chris Chu 15:52
  6. Andrew Chow 16:02
  7. Patrick Glynn 16:06
  8. Jason Manila 16:10
  9. John Villahermosa 16:12
  10. Austin Chao 16:18

Top 10 Girls

  1. Kylie Goo 14:46
  2. Julie Canta 17:02
  3. Karen Carino 18:00
  4. Flora Wang 18:04
  5. Lauren Tom 18:11
  6. Melissa Wong 18:22
  7. Abigayle Haguisan 18:36
  8. Bridget Okugbe 18:51
  9. Seira Tanaka 19:10
  10. Lisa Tanaka 19:15


  • Klaine Justo 4:04
  • John Humady 1:38
  • Flora Wang 1:20
  • Chris Chu 1:14
  • Benny Chua 1:13
  • Julie Canta 1:10
  • Atzin Cardiel 1:03
  • Carol Chin 1:03
  • Ahmed Alansi :56
  • Lewis Truong :47
  • Jomari Geronimo :38
  • Mharc Severino :35
  • Jeremy Lagrisola :32
  • Mimi Chang :30
  • Kylie Goo :27
  • Tommy Lam :25
  • Gio Delucchi :24
  • Melissa Wong :18
  • Timothy Pangilinan :13
  • Alaric Gonzales :12
  • Dominic Chavarria :08
  • Arnel Dolores :03
  • John Villahermosa :02
  • Abigail Calderon :01

Videos: (from Jesuit High School – Boys Only)

Varsity Boys

JV Boys

Sophomore Boys

Freshmen Boys

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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