Castro Valley and Team Picnic

Today was our trip to Castro Valley for the Invitational and team picnic with Mercy Burlingame.  As always it was a lot of fun.  A big thanks to the parents who time-after-time are helping out with this as well as doing so much more.  We are so grateful!

Congratulations to Karen Carino, Flora Wang, and Lauren Tom for earning individual medals and also leading the Frosh/Soph girls to team medals.  Earning team medals we also have Melissa Wong, Bridget Okugbe, Hailey Hutchinson, Justine Han, Karen Reina, Mimi Chang, Alexa Novales, Carol Chin, Abigail Calderon, and Erika Myint.

Earning individual medals in other divisions are Atzin Cardiel in the Varsity Boys, Julie Canta in the Varsity Girls, and Glen Collado in the Freshmen Boys.  Very Nice!

There is no Top 10 list this week as you can’t compare those running different distances.  To many this course feels longer than it really is because it is pretty tough.  Going down into that canyon and up the hill, then making the turn and realizing there is still more hill to go, is pretty rough!  But, you guys and ladies are Rams and love hills, right!  Nice job Varsity teams for pushing through the longer course and giving great efforts.  Actually, running the 3-mile course today is good practice for Crystal Springs, which is also 3 miles.  It was also good for those going to Mt. SAC in a week.


  • Flora Wang 1:40
  • Carol Chin 1:24
  • Lewis Truong 1:13
  • Mimi Chang 1:01
  • John Humady :57
  • Benny Chua :28
  • Arnel Dolores :15
  • Julie Canta :13 (Varsity PR)
  • Jeremy Lagrisola :12
  • Mharc Severino :06
  • Melissa Wong :04
  • Atzin Cardiel :02 (Varsity PR)

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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