P.A.L. Finals at Crystal Springs 2012

Congratulations to your Frosh/Soph Girls and Freshman Boys teams who became P.A.L. Champions today!  Also congratulations to Kylie Goo who won her race and became the individual Varsity Girls P.A.L. Champion!  Awesome efforts and performances Rams!

Medals are awarded to the top 15 runners in each race.  Varsity runners Kylie Goo and Atzin Cardiel received their medals at the meet.  Runners from other races will receive medals at our awards dinner.  Our Champion Frosh/Soph Girls were led by 5 medal-winners: Karen CarinoFlora WangBridget OkugbeMelissa Wong, and Lauren Tom.  Our Champion Freshman Boys were led by 3 medal-winners: Patrick GlynnGlen Collado, and Austin Chao

Both of your Varsity teams stepped up today and qualified for CCS.  The top 7 times today, regardless of division, will move on to compete at CCS in two weeks.  Below are listed those top 7 times plus alternates.


  1. Atzin Cardiel 16:46
  2. Dominic Chavarria 18:27
  3. Patrick Glynn 18:55
  4. Chris Camacho 18:59
  5. Glen Collado 19:00
  6. Chris Chu 19:12
  7. Andrew Chow 19:24
  8. Austin Chao 19:34
  9. Mharc Severino 19:42
  10.  John Villahermosa 19:52


  1. Kylie Goo 18:23
  2. Julie Canta 21:31
  3. Karen Carino 21:45
  4. Flora Wang 22:15
  5. Bridget Okugbe 22:27
  6. Melissa Wong 22:37
  7. Lauren Tom 22:52
  8. Lisa Tanaka 23:28
  9. Seira Tanaka 22:31
  10. Desiree Fajardo 24:09
  11. Abi Haguisan 24:24


  • Chris Chu 1:03
  • Arnel Dolores 1:01
  • Carol Chin :34
  • Klaine Justo :23
  • Dominic Chavarria :22
  • Laifu Chow :17
  • Lewis Truong :16
  • Flora Wang :10
  • Andrew Chow :06
  • Benny Chua :04

I am really proud of all efforts today.  Not everyone PRed and not everyone was happy with their individual times, but what I saw was a team that went out there and gave it everything they had.  No one gave up no matter what place they were in.  Today was a great day for Westmoor.

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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