Ram Invitational 2013

Special Bulletin: We have a new Westmoor school record in the Varsity Boys on the home course.  Congratulations to Junior Anwar Alghaithy (12:34) who beat Mohammed Abdul’s 1995 school record on the course by :04.  Great job Anwar!

The 32nd annual Ram Invitational was the best one yet.  With over 2,000 runners from 73 High Schools it was certainly the biggest Ram.  Thank you to all teams, coaches, athletes, parents, and supporters who showed up to make the Ram what it was.  I would especially like to thank all the help we got in running the Ram.  Thank you to all the alumni who helped direct runners on the course and in the chute, to all the parents and volunteers running the snack bar and selling T-shirts, and to all the athletes who worked the meet when they weren’t running.  Without all that assistance the Ram couldn’t happen.

Official Results

Medal Winners:

(Rams: if you finished in the top 50 overall in your race and did not get a medal yet we will be awarding it to you on Monday)

Varsity Girls

  • Flora Wang
  • Bridget Okugbe
  • Abigayle Haguisan
  • Yessenia Magallanes

JV Girls

  • Erin Huntzinger

Frosh/Soph Girls

  • Lisa Tanaka
  • Laney Goo
  • Keisha Daco
  • Rena Ho
  • Lauren Tom

Varsity Boys

  • Anwar Alghaithy (Race Winner, Plaque, School Record)
  • Victor Bautista
  • Mharc Severino

JV Boys

  • Chris Camacho

Sophomore Boys

  • Glen Collado
  • Ben Tam


  • Audrey Huntzinger 2:44
  • Matthew Caspillan 2:10
  • Audric Ma 1:38
  • Nelson Poon 1:38
  • Jonathan Lau 1:36
  • Keisha Daco 1:02
  • Cameron Owens 1:02
  • Laney Goo 1:01
  • Johanna Hom :51
  • Annie CHin :39
  • Omar Shatrat :39
  • Ben Tam :31
  • Flora Wang :30
  • John Villahermosa :29
  • Glen Collado :27
  • Bridget Okugbe :27
  • Victor Bautista :26
  • Mikayla Osorio :26
  • Chris Chu :23
  • Kyle Lee :23
  • Miguel Ibarra :23
  • Anwar Alghaithy :22
  • Jade McMartin :22
  • Earl Johns :19
  • Gabriel Manalang :15
  • Mharc Severino :15
  • Abigail Calderon :15
  • Rena Ho :13
  • Isaac Lam :07
  • Lisa Tanaka :07
  • Arnel Dolores :05

Here are also some images from our practice meet on Tuesday:

Our next meet is the Del Oro 4000 in Loomis.  The bus leaves Westmoor at 2pm and we will return late around 11:30pm.  It is a fun opportunity to experience an  evening/night meet.  Go Rams!



About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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