Carlmont @ Westmoor and Martinez Relays

League Dual Meet #1

Congratulations to your Ram Track and Field team for their excellent efforts Thursday hosting Carlmont in the seasons first league Dual Meet.  Westmoor performed outstanding by winning 3 out of the 4 divisions.  Frosh Soph boys and girls won. Varsity Boys were narrowly defeated and the Varsity Girls added to their winning streak, which now stands at 27 wins in a row.

This Thursday we host Terra Nova for the second league dual-meet.

 Current Standings:

VB: 0-1

VG: 1-0

FSG: 1-0

FSB: 1-0

Martinez Relays:

Another great Saturday full of fantastic teamwork and excellent performances.  Westmoor did really well in all 4 divisions, bringing home 3 trophies and narrowly missing a fourth.  Many Rams also won relay team medals on the track and in the field.

Team Trophies:

Varsity Boys 2nd Place

Varsity Girls 2nd Place

Frosh/Soph Girls 3rd Place

1st Place Medal Winners:

Varsity Boys Pole Vault Relay (Chavarria, Severino)

Frosh/Soph Boys Pole Vault Relay (B. Tam, T. Chung)

Varsity Girls Shot Put Relays (T. Cobbins, S. Tagoai, V. Hoe)

Frosh/Soph Girls Shuttle Hurdles (R. Kan, Y. Sosa, K. Perez, M. Francisco)

2nd Place Medal Winners:

Varsity Boys Triple Jump Relay (Collado, Burton, Pumarada)

Frosh/Soph Boys 4×400 Relay (S. Ng, C. Oliver, G. Collado, T. Chung)

Frosh/Soph Boys Shuttle Hurdles (R. Leano, S. Ng, B. Nguyen, C. Oliver)

Varsity Girls Triple Jump (A. Haguisan, A. Calderon, S. Young)

Varsity Girls Pole Vault Relay (E. Huntzinger, A. Tat)

Frosh/Soph Girls High Jump (L. Goo, M. Viernes, L. Tom)

3rd Place Medal Winners:

Varsity Boys Long Jump Relay (Burton, Dolores, S. Chung)

Varsity Boys 4x800m Relay (Severino, Bautista, Villahermosa, Alghaithy)

Varsity Boys Shuttle Hurdles (Lam, Chao, Li, Tiletile)

Varsity Girls High Jump Relay (E. Huntzinger, A. Tat, J. Bastida)

4th Place Medal Winners:

Frosh/Soph Boys Shot Put Relays (A. Regudon, E. Prado, M. Caspillan)

Frosh/Soph Boys High Jump (A. Chao, E. Chang, D. Garcia)

Varsity Girls Shuttle Hurdles (C. Chin, T. Ngai, D. Mangalino, M. Chang)

Varsity Girls Discus Relay (T. Cobbins, V. Hoe, M. Okugbe)

Frosh/Soph Girls Long Jump (L. Sabit, C. Mendoza, A. Wanstrath)

Frosh/Soph Girls 4×400 Relay (T. David, K. Perez, L. Tom, L. Sabit)

5th Place Medal Winners:

Varsity Boys Distance Medley Relay (Villahermosa, Tiletile, Chu, Alghaithy)

Frosh/Soph Boys 4×800 Relay (O. Shatrat, A. Chao, K. Lee, G. Collado)

Frosh/Soph Boys Shuttle Hurdles (J. Wu, M. Caspillan, S. Wong, Jason Mattos)

Frosh/Soph Boys Long Jump Relay (G. Collado, K. Ho, M. Doherty)

Frosh/Soph Boys Discus Relay (A. Regudon, E. Prado, M. Caspillan)

Frosh/Soph Girls Pole Vault ( A. Huntzinger)

Frosh/Soph Girls Discus Relay (A. Prestosa, A. Garcia, B. Anariba)

Frosh/Soph Girls 4×800 Relay (L. Tom, M. Godby, A. Garcia, L. Goo)

Frosh/Soph Girls 4×100 Relay (K. Perez, L. Sabit, C. Mendoza, I. Demafeliz)

WP_20140315_004 WP_20140315_002

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