P.A.L. Meet #1 at Westmoor

Great job Rams at the first home meet of the season!  You did well with all 18 P.A.L. schools competing.  Both Varsity teams would have qualified for CCS had this been the finals.

  • Varsity Boys: 5th Place
  • Varsity Girls: 6th Place
  • Frosh/Soph Boys: 4th Place
  • Open Boys: 2nd Place
  • Open Girls: 7th Place

Official Results


  • Omar Shatrat -2:00
  • Jade McMartin -1:23
  • Kevin Ho -1:21
  • Thomas Chung -:59

Top 10 Lady Rams of the day:

  1. Flora Wang (17:38)
  2. Yessenia Magallanes (18:04)
  3. Lisa Tanaka (18:28)
  4. Laney Goo (18:30)
  5. Terry David (19:27)
  6. Melissa Wong (19:30)
  7. Alexa Novales (19:32)
  8. Grace Leung (20:10)
  9. Mikayla Osorio (20:20)
  10. Leilani Sabit (20:22)

Top 10 Rams of the day:

  1. Anwar Alghaithy (12:51)
  2. Victor Bautista (14:02)
  3. Glen Collado (14:15)
  4. Roberto Villarreal (14:34)
  5. Jorge Martinez (14:35)
  6. Omar Shatrat (14:41)
  7. Mharc Severino (14:58)
  8. Jason Mattos (15:19)
  9. Ben Tam (15:45)
  10. Jeromy Cruz (15:54)

This Saturday we head to Toro Park for the Chieftain Invitational followed by a fun trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  As we head into this busy part of the season keep working hard and stay focused so you do the best you can!

Images from the Time Trial at Crystal Springs with Serra High School, Mercy Burlingame, and Notre Dame Belmont:

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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