2014 Lowell Invitational

Congratulations to Anwar Alghaithy, Roberto Villarreal, and Omar Shatrat for winning medals and leading the Rams against tough competition Saturday at Golden Gate Park.  There were a lot of great efforts from veteran runners as well as from the many new runners on the team.  Team highlights from the meet were the exciting races and top-notch efforts in the Sophomore Boys as well as the Varsity Girls.

Official Results

 2.13mi Lowell P.R.s

  • Matthew Caspillan :52

2.93mi Lowell P.R.s

  • Erika Myint 3:32
  • Alexa Novales 3:09
  • Carol Chin 2:43
  • Jade McMartin :57
  • Mimi Chang :31
  • Flora Wang :17
  • Yessenia Magallanes :03

Today on our home course we hosted our friends at Serra High School, Riordan, San Francisco International, Mercy Burlingame, and Notre Dame Belmont for a practice meet in preparation for the Ram Invitational.  This Saturday at the 33rd annual Ram Invitational we expect nearly 70 teams and well over 2,000 runners.  Today was in preparation for Saturday but still a number of athletes ran their PRs.  Nice job Rams!

Home Course P.R.s

  • Jeromy Cruz 1:36
  • Rases Habra 1:14
  • Geniya Magidina :48
  • Elian Fontanilla :31
  • Alex Soe :30
  • Roberto Villarreal :30
  • Jim Johns :29
  • Grace Leung :23
  • Katherine Wu :22
  • Cameron Owens :20
  • Chris Chan :19
  • Maria Del Castillo:19
  • Mariela Francisco :19
  • Justin Shiu :14
  • Tiffany Chen :12
  • Terry David :11
  • John Nunez :10
  • Tony Nguyen :03
  • Isaac Lam :02

2014_CC_Lowell_1 2014_CC_Lowell_2 2014_CC_Lowell_3 2014_CC_Lowell_4

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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