2014 Ram Invitational

The 33rd annual Ram Invitational and the 13th Annual Middle School Ram Invitational were a huge success!  Thank you to the 70 High Schools and 16 Middle Schools for attending, and we hope to see you again next year!

13th Annual Middle School Ram Invitational

Every year on the Friday before the last Saturday in September we hold the Middle School Ram Invitational.  It is a great opportunity for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to run against their own age group and experience a taste of what a high school invitational is like.  125 individual medals, 6 individual plaques, and 6 team plaques were awarded to a really talented group of young athletes.  We hope this meet can inspire these kids to continue to develop as runners and hopefully we’ll see them at the High School Ram Invitational as well!

Official Results

33rd Annual High School Ram Invitational

Official Results in Text Format

Official Results on Athletic.net

With 70 schools and 2,300 registered runners this was a really big Ram.  I can not thank enough the teachers, school staff, parents, family, friends, and alumni that were on hand to make this meet possible.  Volunteers were everywhere from the snack bar, the finish line, on the course, at the first aid table, awards table, scoring table… everywhere.  I really don’t know what we would do without all of your help year after year.  Thank you!

This year also the Ram athletes themselves stepped up with extra efforts by helping at the meet.  Great job Rams!

It’s not easy to earn a medal at The Ram so congratulations to the 9 Rams who’s efforts on the course earned one.

Congratulations: Anwar Alghaithy, Victor Bautista, Glen Collado, Mariela Francisco, Grace Leung, Omar Shatrat, Roberto Villarreal, Jason Mattos, and Jeromy Cruz!

Not everyone can earn a medal, but everyone can make that effort to improve.  Hard work pays off and yesterday at the Ram well over half of the Rams got their all-time course PRs.  A number of others got season PRs.

All-Time P.R.s at The RAM:

  • Laura Tai 1:35
  • Dillon Garcia 1:31
  • Diana Do 1:01
  • Torrance Teng :52
  • Leilani Sabit :48
  • Isaac Lam :45
  • Katherine Wu :51
  • Omar Shatrat :48
  • Peter Lin :42
  • Geniya Magidina :42
  • Tony Nguyen :41
  • David Mendoza :41
  • Rases Habra :37
  • Hirofuni Koichihara :36
  • Eric Leong :33
  • Yessenia Magallanes :31
  • Aaron Llona :31
  • Elian Fontanilla :29
  • John Nunez :27
  • Jason Mattos :27
  • Mariela Francisco :27
  • Liam Henson :27
  • Grace Leung :26
  • Maria Del Castillo :24
  • Kevin Ho :23
  • Lorjean Sagabaen :23
  • Derek Bautista :20
  • Justin Shiu :19
  • Elijah Bacani :18
  • Zachary Maneja :15
  • Wilton Ngo :14
  • Nicole Ng :14
  • Jeromy Cruz :14
  • Jonathan Teng :11
  • Andrew Duong :10
  • Chris Chan :10
  • Cameron Owens :10
  • Rachel Yeung :09
  • Roberto Villarreal :07
  • Lisa Tanaka :07
  • Jessica Win :05
  • Glen Collado :04
  • Alex Soe :01

And then we have the top 10 times on the course yesterday regardless of division.  As always there are new runners pushing those veterans to not let go of those top spots.  All grade levels are represented on this list!

Top 10 Lady Ram Times

  1. Yessenia Magallanes 17:21
  2. Flora Wang 17:22
  3. Lisa Tanaka 17:47
  4. Lauren Tom 18:07
  5. Alexa Novales 18:59
  6. Melissa Wong 19:16
  7. Mariela Francisco 19:17
  8. Katherine Wu 19:19
  9. Grace Leung 19:21
  10. Laura Tai 19:32

Top 10 Ram Times

  1. Anwar Alghaithy 12:38
  2. Omar Shatrat 13:53
  3. Victor Bautista 13:56
  4. Roberto Villarreal 13:57
  5. Glen Collado 13:59
  6. Mharc Severino 14:31
  7. Jason Mattos 14:52
  8. Jeromy Cruz 15:04
  9. Ben Tam 15:11
  10. Peter Lin 15:31

Keep up the hard work Rams!  The coaches are very proud of your efforts this weekend.  Next week we compete under the lights at the Del Oro 4000 in Loomis.

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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