Excellent end to Cross Country Season!

CIF State Championships

Congratulations to Anwar Alghaithy for representing Westmoor this year at the CIF State Championships!  He is the first boy to make it that far for us in 6 years.  Nice job!


Anwar ran 16:14 at Woodward Park in Fresno in a very packed field in the Division II race.

CCS Finals

Also, congratulations to our athletes who made it to CCS!  Westmoor qualified a Boys team, 7 athletes and 3 alternates, as well as two individual Girls.

Westmoor’s CCS Girls:

  • Flora Wang (All time PR!)
  • Yessenia Magallanes (All time PR!)
  • (1st Alternate) Lisa Tanaka
  • (2nd Alternate) Terry David

Westmoor’s CCS Boys:

  • Anwar Alghaithy
  • Victor Bautista
  • Omar Shatrat
  • Roberto Villarreal
  • Mharc Severino
  • Glen Collado
  • Ben Tam
  • Jason Mattos
  • Jeromy Cruz
  • Cameron Owens

IMG_0349IMG_0361  IMG_0275 IMG_0236 IMG_0111 IMG_0198

P.A.L. League Finals

Great job to the everyone at PAL Finals!  Below is each team’s place as well as the top 3 runners.

Varsity Boys – 5th Place

  • Anwar Alghaithy – 2nd
  • Victor Bautista – 36th
  • Omar Shatrat 39th

Varsity Girls – 8th Place

  • Flora Wang – 26th
  • Yessenia Magallanes – 29th
  • Lisa Tanaka – 37th

Frosh/Soph Boys – 4th Place

  • Jason Mattos – 11th
  • Jeromy Cruz – 12th
  • Elijah Bacani – 19th

Frosh/Soph Girls – 3rd Place

  • Laura Tai – 7th
  • Dianna Do -17th
  • Tiffany Chen – 23rd

Freshmen Boys – 3rd Place

  • Elian Fontanilla – 6th
  • Keanu Villa – 13th
  • Derek Bautista – 15th

Open Girls – 6th Place

  • Jade McMartin – 37th
  • Maria DelCastillo – 41st
  • Carol Chin – 43rd

Open Boys – 6th Place

  • Cameron Owens – 18th
  • Darrian Sam – 21st
  • Justin Shiu – 36th

IMG_9719 IMG_9713 IMG_9711 IMG_9701

Thank you Rams for an excellent season!

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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