2015 Rams @ Lowell Invitational

On a cool overcast day in Golden Gate Park your Rams put up a strong effort against tough competition at the Lowell Cross Country Invitational.

Senior Lisa Tanaka (:50 PR) leads the Varsity Lady Rams with a big PR on the 2.93mi course while Sophomore, and first year runner, Katie Liu leads the Frosh/Soph Lady Rams on the 2.13mi course.

Junior Roberto Villarreal leads the Varsity Boys while Sophomore Carlos Sierra leads Frosh/Soph but barely misses out on the last medal spot by .6 seconds.  The strongest showing of the day by Westmoor was the Sophomore Boys team who ranked 3rd out of 14.

Ram Top Performances (in order of Finish):

  • Your Varsity Girls: (Lisa Tanaka, Mariela Francisco, Shevanne Sumang, Grace Leung, Rena Ho)
  • Your Varsity Boys: (Roberto Villarreal, Jeromy Cruz, Omar Shatrat, Audric Ma, Aldo Pantoja, Alex So, Peter Lin)
  • Top 5 Freshmen Boys: (Jeff-Ryan Soriano, Shawn Kong, Luis Villarreal, Robert Vergara, Nathaniel Gonzalez)
  • Top 5 Frosh/Soph Girls: (Katie Liu, Bettina Fong, Hillary Phu, Kristine Nguyen, Melanie Vasquez)
  • Top 5 Sophomore Boys: (Carlos Sierra, Keanu Villa, Derek Bautista, Anjru DeLeon, Elian Fontanilla)
  • Top 5 JV Girls: (Rases Habra, Nicole Ng, Ysabel Sosa, Emily Cai, Kelly Ochoa)
  • Top 5 JV Boys: (Elijah Bacani, Cameron Owens, Matthew Caspillan, Giovanni Tamacas, Aaron Limson)

PRs on the 2.13mi Course:

  • Elian Fontanilla 1:03
  • Derek Bautista 1:02
  • John Nunez :58
  • Keanu Villa :48
  • Laura Tai :46
  • David Mendoza :31
  • Dianna Do :11
  • Jessica Win :05

Official Results

2015_XC_Lowell_5 2015_XC_Lowell_6 2015_XC_Lowell_7 2015_XC_Lowell_1 2015_XC_Lowell_4 2015_XC_Lowell_3 2015_XC_Lowell_22015_XC_Lowell_8

About Steve Pofahl

Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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