Great Ram Invitational!

This Saturday was the 34th Annual Ram Invitational at Westmoor High School.  It was the biggest Ram ever with 78 teams and approximately 2,500 runners.  Thank you to everyone who came and helped to make it the great experience that it was.

Official Results

Our Rams did well, continuing to get stronger as the season progresses.  This was the third time on the home course for the year and you can really see the improvement.

2015 Home Course Marks (4 pages)

Check out the above link to compare all the times on the course this year for each athlete, including PRs from previous years.  There are a lot of new PRs on there!

Congratulations to your Ram Medal Winners!

  • Varsity Boys: Roberto Villarreal
  • Varsity Girls: Lisa Tanaka
  • Sophomore Boys: Anjru Deleon, Keanu Villa, Elian Fontanilla, Carlos Sierra,
    Calvin Ng, Derek Bautista
  • Frosh/Soph Girls: Katie Liu, Bettina Fong, Laura Tai
  • Freshmen Boys: Jacob De Castro
  • JV Girls: Mariela Francisco, Keana Perez
  • JV Boys: Cameron Owens

Top 10 11 Boys of the day:

  1. Roberto Villarreal 13:58
  2. Anjru Deleon 14:52
  3. Jeromy Cruz 14:56
  4. Omar Shatrat 15:03
  5. Keanu Villa 15:07
  6. Elian Fontanilla 15:09
  7. Carlos Sierra 15:20
  8. Audric Ma 15:21
  9. Calvin Ng 15:21
  10. Derek Bautista 15:24
  11. Alex Soe 15:25

Top 10 Girls of the day:

  1. Lisa Tanaka 16:55
  2. Katie Liu 17:16
  3. Bettina Fong 18:00
  4. Laura Tai 18:02
  5. Mariela Francisco 18:53
  6. Keanna Perez 18:53
  7. Melanie Vazquez 18:55
  8. Samantha Chen 19:49
  9. Melissa Sheridan 19:51
  10. Brianna-Li Wijanco 20:14

2015_XC_RAM01 2015_XC_RAM02 2015_XC_RAM03 2015_XC_RAM04 2015_XC_RAM05 2015_XC_RAM06 2015_XC_RAM07 2015_XC_RAM08 2015_XC_RAM09 2015_XC_RAM10 2015_XC_RAM11 2015_XC_RAM12

Here are some pics from our recent trip to Toro Park for the Chieftain Invitational.  Afterwards the team had a lot of fun at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk!

_DSC2740 _DSC2708 _DSC2682 _DSC2677 _DSC2657 _DSC2648 _DSC2455 _DSC2386 _DSC0283 _DSC0042 _DSC0130

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Westmoor High School Athletic Director, Assistant Coach for Track and Cross Country, P.E. Teacher
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