Summer Conditioning 2016

Hello to all returning Westmoor athletes and incoming freshmen!

I hope you are having a pleasant and enjoyable summer and are now ready to give some serious thought and effort to Cross Country.  You will need to work out on your own, or with a teammate, until our first team work-out on July 5, 2016 at 10:00am at Lake Merced.  If you  are planning to be on the Cross Country team but cannot make our team summer workouts please let me know.  Please share this guide with your Parents or Guardians so they know what is going on.

Also please share this with other incoming Westmoor freshmen who may be interested.  You may join us this summer even if you did not sign up ahead of time.

Required Physical

Please Note: Physical Requirements may be updated this year.  There is a strong possibility that all paperwork may need to be uploaded online in order to be cleared for the team.  For this summer conditioning bringing in a signed physical release and statement of insurance “yellow card” will be sufficient.

All athletes are required to have a physical examination by a doctor.  Once you get a physical it is valid for one year.  Kaiser physicals are good for two years.  Often there is a wait of several weeks before a doctor can be seen for a physical.  We strongly urge that parents make appointments right away for a physical to avoid missing out on part of the season.

Dates of Team Practice at Lake Merced:

  • Week 1: Tuesday July 5th, Thursday July 7th
  • Week 2: Monday July 11th, Wednesday July 13th, Friday July 15th
  • Week 3: Monday July 18th, Wednesday July 20th, Friday July 22nd
  • Week 4: Monday July 25th, Wednesday July 27th, Friday July 29th


Before We Meet and If You Can’t Join Us

A suggested running schedule is included as a guide for you to follow this summer.  Understand that this guide is being sent to advanced runners as well as beginning runners.  Listen to your body.  Go at your own pace.  The most important thing is to put on your shoes and get out the door.  Remember to start out slow and build up slowly in order to avoid injuries.  You should run about 3-4 days a week during the months of June and July.  These individual workouts generally are for before we meet as a team and days when you are unable to meet with us as a team.

Individual Workout for June and July  (3-5 times per week)

Day 1            Longer-distance, 3-10 miles (30-60 minutes), easy on soft ground and walk or stop if you need to.  The number of miles you run depends upon your current level of fitness and how you feel.

Day 2            Shorter distance, 2-5 miles (25-45 minutes).  Increase your speed, pick up the pace.  Run in a different area.  Do your best.

Day 3            Longer-distance, 3-10 miles (30-60 minutes).  Again, change your area, not as fast as the first day’s work-out.  Run Easy.

Day 4            Shorter distance, 2-5 miles (25-45 minutes).  Increase your speed.  Try to run in a hilly area.

Day 5            Longer-distance, 7-12 miles (45-60 minutes), nice and easy, comfortable running

Individual Work-out for August (4-7 times per week)

Day 1            5-12 miles, easy, flat area

Day 2            Find a hilly area, 5-8 hills, depending on the angle and the distance.  4-6 miles, increase your pace (faster than July’s pace)

Day 3            5-12 miles, easy, flat area.  Run in a different place.

Day 4            5-8 hills, 3-6 miles, increase your pace

Day 5            5-12 miles, easy.  Try to find a hilly area.

Day 6            4-6 hills, 2-4 miles. ¾ speed.  Run it hard.

Day 7                3-5 miles, nice and easy

Location of Summer Practice:

We meet as a team at Lake Merced at 10:00 am not Westmoor High School.  This is an excellent location to meet as it gives us many running opportunities including flat routes, sand, hills, and trails that are excellent for training.  This year we will be at the same spot as we were last year.  This  spot is where Lake Merced Blvd. meets Sunset Blvd.  There is a large parking lot with a statue of a horse in it.  This  spot allows  great access to various routes that are fun and beneficial to the team.  We understand it is a little far from most peoples’ homes but that extra effort in getting there is worth it.  We definitely encourage car-pooling.

What is Summer Practice Like?

Summer practice is a mixture of beginning and advanced runners, boys and girls, freshmen and seniors.  Practices are geared for everyone to be successful and feel supported.  We have shorter “rookie” routes and longer “veteren” routes.  Practices are generally supervised by two certified coaches (occasionally just one) and we always have a first-aid kit and cell phones with us.  When athletes go out for a run we supervise the entire group by driving around, monitoring intersections, and keeping track of numbers.  We feel that being mobile in a vehicle (or two) is the most effective way to ensure the safety of the entire group.

Things to Remember

1)   Work out as often as possible.  Running in the summer is like putting money in the bank.  Athletes with the largest bank accounts will be the fastest runners in the fall.

2)    Once you start training, don’t stop.  It is better to work out two or three days a week and keep it up, than run everyday and quit.  Starting August 1st , you should be working out as much as possible.

3)    Remember it is easy to talk about working out, but hard to get started.  Don’t put it off until next week,

4)    You should make all team work-outs.

5)    I hope we don’t have anyone in thinking in November about “what a season I could have had if I’d only done more running in the summer”.  There is nothing worse than that realization of what you could have done.  So let’s get the job done this summer!

6)    Remember:  Everyone practices during the season.  Real improvement and CHAMPIONSHIPS are won during the summer.

7)    If you have any conflicts with work or vacation, please call or email either coach and let us know your individual situation.

8)    By following your individual work-outs and making our group work-outs, our team should have no problem being prepared for the beginning of the season, a season which should be filled with many awards in our drive towards the PAL Championship and a STATE MEET berth.  Remember the first race is in early September, so start running NOW.

How to Contact Us:

Coach Pofahl is best contacted through email while Coach DiMaggio is best contacted by phone.  Contact info is below:

Head Coach Ron DiMaggio

Home: (650) 573-6290

Cell: (650) 576-5370

Coach Steve Pofahl 

(415) 513-8594